Together, we’ve pulled 12 MILLION POUNDS of trash from the ocean!

When 4ocean first got started, it took us about 12 months to pull our first million pounds of trash from the ocean, rivers, and coastlines. Now, thanks to you, we have more crews in more locations recovering more trash than ever before.

Let’s put this into perspective: We reached our goal of 10 million pounds pulled on August 18, 2020. Now, just four months later, we’ve recovered an additional two million pounds of trash! That’s double the amount of trash we recovered in our first year in less than half the time. Talk about maximizing your impact!

Now we’re on track to make 2020 our most impactful year ever! So let’s get to work and pull the next million so we can reach our new goal of 20 million pounds pulled.

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Help us reach our goal of 20 million pounds pulled