Explore our very first international cleanup location in Denpasar, Bali!


Denpasar operations

4ocean Bali operates out of our main office in Denpasar. This is where we plan our cleanup strategies, analyze our impact, and handle all of the administrative tasks that come with running a full-scale ocean cleanup operation. Our Denpasar facility also features a warehouse where the marine debris recovered by our coastal cleanup crews is sorted and stored before it’s transported to our Jembrana location for processing. Not only does this location make it easier to move our cleanup crews, equipment, and supplies around the island, it also acts as the island’s main gate for sending goods to other countries. 4ocean bracelets that are assembled in Bali are shipped to our global distribution center in the United States from Denpasar

Coastal cleanups

Bali’s coastlines are the crossroads where ocean plastic and river plastic meet. During monsoon season, torrential downpours, rising rivers, and strong offshore winds flood Bali’s beaches with plastic waste.

Our location in Denpasar gives us access to many beaches that are heavily impacted by plastic pollution. That’s why we have eight full-time coastal cleanup crews operating out of Denpasar.

Our Denpasar crews are responsible for cleaning this stretch of coastline which spans more than 10 miles along the southwestern tip of the island.

Cleanups range from Lima Beach to Kedonganan Beach and include Bali’s iconic Kuta Beach, one of the island’s premier tourist destinations.

Our Denpasar crews recover an average of 3,000 pounds of plastic and other marine debris from these beaches every single day.


Crew member highlights

We employ more than 20 individuals at our Denpasar location and, together, they recover an average of 3,000 pounds of trash every single day. While we wish we could introduce you to each and every one of our crew members, we had to pick just three to spotlight. Keep scrolling to meet some of the people who do the extremely hard work of pulling pounds and keeping our oceans clean each and every day.

I Gede Rajeswardana

Rajeswardana is a proud member of the 4ocean cleanup crew and currently tops Denpasar’s leaderboard for most pounds pulled. Prior to working at 4ocean, he worked in product distribution but made the switch because he believes that preserving the sea is important and wanted to help protect it for the animals and people that rely on it to survive. Rajeswardana’s favorite thing about working for 4ocean is the opportunity to meet and share our mission with people from all walks of life that come to Bali from all around the world. His family is very supportive and says “Who else will protect the ocean if not us?” Rajeswardana loves a good BBQ and is happiest when he’s spending time with his friends.

Favorite accomplishment

Reaching 10 million pounds pulled

Favorite place to clean

The Batu Belig River during rainy season because there’s so much trash

Favorite bracelet

The 4ocean Dolphin Bracelet because dolphins are his favorite ocean animal

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Muhammad Anang

Muhammad is the captain of our Denpasar cleanup crew and is responsible for choosing where the Denpasar crew will clean each day. Prior to working at 4ocean, he worked in factories or as an independent salesman. Then he met our Director of Operations and became interested in working to protect our oceans. Like Rajeswardana, his favorite part of the job is being able to educate people about plastic pollution and how to prevent it. Muhammad says he has a small family, but a happy one that supports his profession. When he’s not working, you can find him touring the island on his motorcycle.

Favorite accomplishment

Reaching 10 million pounds pulled

Favorite place to clean

Kedonganan Beach in October and November because it gets very polluted and he loves to see the before and afters

Favorite bracelet

4ocean Shark Beaded Bracelet because sharks are his favorite animal and black is his favorite color

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I Ketut Sutawa

Sutawa is a truck driver who helps transport all of the trash recovered by the Denpasar crew. He also joins the Denpasar crew and helps pull pounds whenever he can. Sometimes, thoughts of all the work that still needs to be done to protect our oceans keeps him up at night. When he’s not at work, Sutawa enjoys fishing and spending time with his wife and kids, a boy and girl, who are just as proud of the work he’s doing as he is of them. He believes environmental awareness is something that should be passed from generation to generation.

Favorite accomplishment

Hearing positive feedback from visitors and people in his community

Favorite place to clean

Anywhere that needs it

Favorite bracelet

Sea turtles are his favorite animal, but he loves the Albatross Bracelet best

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The birthplace of 4ocean

Our founders grew up in Florida and made their living from the ocean, but Bali is where they truly began to understand the severity of the ocean plastic crisis and its impact not just on marine life, but on the coastal communities that, like them, relied on the health of the ocean to survive. Click the button below to explore the sources of plastic pollution in Indonesia and see the island that inspired the clean ocean movement.

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4ocean Bali’s cleanup strategy

We chose to launch our first international cleanup operation on the island of Bali not just because it’s the birthplace of 4ocean, but because it strategically places us in areas where we can have the biggest impact.

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Explore the tools we use to recover ocean plastic in Bali

Let us show you all of the tools and equipment we’ve invested in to keep our crews safe and maximize our impact in Bali. Remember that this is what you make possible every time you shop 4ocean and pull a pound of trash.

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