4ocean Bali: The Cleanup Strategy

Our Bali crews are cleaning the ocean, rivers, and coastlines 7 days a week

Ocean cleanups

Bali is located in the middle of a powerful ocean current called the Indonesian Throughflow, which flows from the Pacific Ocean into the Indian Ocean through the straits of Indonesia. With significant maritime traffic and more than 40 countries bordering the Pacific, massive amounts of plastic that potentially entered the ocean thousands of miles away are brought to Bali’s coastlines by this current. Trash from Bali’s rivers and neighboring islands can also be swept up in this current and carried to distant coastlines in an endless loop.

4ocean Bali dispatches ocean cleanup crews daily along the southwest coast of the island to recover trash directly from the ocean. These cleanups reduce the amount of plastic waste in coastal waters and improve environmental conditions for both marine life and local fishermen who rely on the ocean for sustenance.

River cleanups

Rivers are like superhighways that carry inland plastic pollution to the ocean. In fact, it’s estimated that rivers transport up to 5.5 billion pounds of plastic into the ocean every year. In Bali, river plastic mostly comes from mismanaged waste and from people’s homes that live along the river and their smaller tributaries. The Ijo Gading River is considered Bali's largest ocean plastic contributor, accounting for 12% of the province's total ocean leakage.

To prevent inland plastic from flowing into the ocean, 4ocean installs river boom systems. These floating barriers are over 30 meters long and are strategically placed to capture river plastic before it becomes ocean plastic. 4ocean Bali has one river boom system in the Ijo Gading River and another in the Samblong River, a small but highly polluted river in Bali’s Jembrana Regency, that are serviced by our river boom crews daily.

Coastal cleanups

Bali’s coastlines are the crossroads where ocean plastic and river plastic meet. During monsoon season, torrential downpours, rising rivers, and strong offshore winds flood Bali’s beaches with plastic waste. With a booming tourism industry, beach visitors also contribute to coastal plastic pollution.

Coastal cleanups prevent land-based trash from entering the ocean. They also provide unique opportunities to raise awareness about plastic pollution and help people become more mindful of their consumption and disposal habits. 4ocean Bali has 29 coastal crews operating out of three locations across Bali’s southwest coast daily.


Where we operate


Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia

Denpasar is located on the south end of the island and is the city center of Bali. This location is home to 4ocean Bali’s main office and a warehouse where we sort and store recovered ocean plastic before it’s transported to our Jembrana location for processing. Not only does this location make it easier to move cleanup equipment and supplies around the island, it also acts as the island’s main gate for sending goods to other countries.


Medewi, Bali, Indonesia

Medewi is located near several larger tourist spots and sits in between our Denpasar and Jembrana locations. It’s the site of a smaller transit warehouse where we sort and store recovered ocean plastic before it’s transported to our Jembrana facility for processing.


Jembrana, Bali, Indonesia

On the west end of the island, you’ll find our largest operational base. This location strategically places us in an area that gives our crews access to the ocean, coastlines, and the Ijo Gading River. This location is also home to the facility where we process our recovered ocean plastic into raw materials that can be used to make new products.


Director of Operations

Andi Rachmansyah

Total full-time employees


Coastal cleanup crews


River cleanup crews


Ocean cleanup crews






4ocean Bali crews recover an average of 17,000 pounds of trash every day!

Let’s hit 20 million pounds pulled by the end of 2021!

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