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4ocean x Cariuma

Ocean-friendly, made-to-order sneakers

Super lightweight, ultra comfy, and completely ocean friendly

4ocean x Cariuma Sneakers are made to order in perfectly sized runs so we can reduce our carbon footprint, eliminate waste, and maximize quality and comfort. Each pair is handcrafted with sustainably- and ethically-sourced materials. Use the slider to see what makes these vegan shoes so ocean friendly!

Quality over quantity

The only way to achieve authentic sustainability is by increasing the lifespan of the products we use every day so we consume less overall. That’s why longevity and mindful consumption are the name of the game for Cariuma, the cult-favorite sustainable sneaker brand that empowers conscious consumers to buy quality over quantity. Every pair of Cariuma shoes is designed to be sustainable, comfortable, and timeless.

Heavy-duty Recycled Fabric Upper

This year’s 4ocean x Cariuma sneaker upper is crafted using a heavy-duty fabric made from post-consumer recycled plastic. This material is incredibly durable and resistant to cuts, tears, and scuffs which makes them perfect for your active lifestyle. Compared to virgin polyester, this material produces 70% less GHG, uses 99% less water, and produces 54% less waste. The lining, laces, threads, and labels are made from a mix of organic cotton and recycled plastic bottles and certified by the Global Recycling Standard.

Natural + Recycled Rubber Outsole

Cariuma’s recycled rubber is combined with natural rubber that’s sustainably gathered from the Brazilian rubber tree, Hevea brasiliensis, by tapping the sap from its bark (much like syrup is tapped from maple trees) for a durable, perfectly weighted outsole. Cariuma has also perfected a unique cupsole construction and stitch method that offers extreme durability and perfect shock absorption, which significantly extends the useful life of their sneakers.

Vegan Insoles

Cariuma’s signature memory foam insole is made from cork and organic mamona oil to give you a fit that’s as comfortable as it is sustainable. The cork is carefully scraped from cork trees in a process that keeps the tree intact and allows it to grow new bark between harvests. Mamona is an organic, plant-based oil that allows Cariuma to decrease their use of virgin plastics and create a much greener comfort foam.

We don’t believe in passing trends, fast fashion’s short attention span, or following the status quo. That’s why we design timeless sneaker silhouettes that are built to endure.


What people are saying

“Literally like I imagine walking on a cloud would feel and they go with everything.”
Gina J.
“These are hands down the best sneakers I’ve ever owned.”
“These shoes are classic, cute, and comfortable. I love their timeless look! The cork and memory foam insole is fantastic.”
Sasha Z.

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