Live the mission with our new cleanup gear

Everything you need to clean like a member of the crew

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4ocean Cleanup Tongs

4ocean Cleanup Tongs make it easy to pick up trash that’s sharp, contaminated, or simply out of reach. The long length and lightweight frame are designed to minimize hand contact and reduce back strain for safe, effective cleanups! 

4ocean Cleanup Tongs can be purchased separately or as part of the 4ocean Cleanup Kit.

4ocean Beach Cleanup Bag with Closable Lid

Inspired by the mesh bags used by scuba divers, our premium Cleanup Bags are essential for storing recovered debris. Made from recycled PET plastic, the small mesh netting is designed to let water out and keep even small pieces of plastic inside. The handle also features a lid with a locking clasp to ensure that no collected materials reenter the environment. 

4ocean Cleanup Bags can be purchased separately or as part of the kit.

4ocean Cleanup Gloves

These specialized gloves keep your hands clean and help protect them from sharp and contaminated debris while you’re cleaning.

4ocean Cleanup Guide

This 16-page booklet will walk you through the basics of planning and executing a safe and successful cleanup with tips designed to guide you before, during, and after the cleanup.

4ocean Sticker Pack

Rep the clean ocean movement and help raise awareness about our mission to end the ocean plastic crisis with this custom sticker pack that can’t be purchased anywhere else.

4ocean Signature Bracelet

Wearing this bracelet instantly identifies you as a member of the clean ocean movement. It symbolizes your commitment to our mission of ending the ocean plastic crisis and acts as a reminder to make ocean-minded choices. It’s also a great way to start conversations and share our mission with curious neighbors and passersby. 


Share your cleanup shots

Show everyone what it means to be a member of the clean ocean movement. Take a photo with your 4ocean Cleanup Kit after the cleanup to show your impact. Tag @4ocean using #4oceanCleanups. The work you do today may inspire someone else tomorrow!

Live the mission and share your impact