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Ocean, river, and coastal cleanups

Our Jembrana location allows us to maximize our impact because it strategically places us in an area with easy access to the ocean, rivers, and coastlines impacted by plastic pollution. We currently have 9 ocean crews, 10 coastal crews, and 13 river crews operating out of our Jembrana location daily.

Our Jembrana crews are responsible for cleaning this stretch of coastline which spans more than 37 miles around the west end of the island.

Cleanups range from Delod Berawah Beach in Negara, which is on the south end of the island, through West Bali National Park and Menjangan Island, all the way to Banyuwedang Beach in Gerokgak Buleleng in the north.

Our Jembrana crews recover an average of 10,000 pounds of ocean plastic and other marine debris from these areas every single day.


Crew member highlights

We employ more than 40 individuals at our Jembrana location and, together, they recover an average of 10,000 pounds of trash every single day. While we wish we could introduce you to each and every one of our crew members, we had to pick just a couple to spotlight. Keep scrolling to meet some of the people doing the extremely hard work of pulling pounds and keeping the ocean clean each and every day.

Imron Rosidi

Imron is the Operations Manager for the Jembrana division of 4ocean Bali. When we met him four years ago, he was pretty skeptical about the work we were doing to clean the ocean. But after learning about our mission, he decided to give the job a try and joined the crew. Now, he leads our Jembrana crew, the largest and most impactful in Bali, and has become a passionate environmentalist and educator who works hard to inspire and empower his community to care for the ocean.

Nur Wahyudi

Nur worked as a technician before he became a boat captain for 4ocean. And while he’s never worked as a fisherman, he seems to have a second sense that allows him to track and find hidden accumulations of trash around the island. He also has a special fondness for dolphins and was actually part of the crew that rescued an entangled bottlenose dolphin in November 2020.


We’re always looking for new ways to maximize our impact

There is no playbook for cleaning the ocean, which means our captains and crews often have to get creative and find new ways to effectively recover ocean plastic.

In this video, Jembrana’s Operational Manager, Muhammed Imron Rosidi, shares an invention called the manual trash sweeper he was inspired to create after watching shrimp fisherman in his local community.


Uncover the full story of 4ocean Bali

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The birthplace of 4ocean

Our founders grew up in Florida and made their living from the ocean, but Bali is where they truly began to understand the severity of the ocean plastic crisis and its impact not just on marine life, but on the coastal communities that, like them, relied on the health of the ocean to survive. Click the button below to explore the sources of plastic pollution in Indonesia and see the island that inspired the clean ocean movement.

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4ocean Bali’s cleanup strategy

We chose to launch our first international cleanup operation on the island of Bali not just because it’s the birthplace of 4ocean, but because it strategically places us in areas where we can have the biggest impact.

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Explore the tools we use to recover ocean plastic in Bali

Let us show you all of the tools and equipment we’ve invested in to keep our crews safe and maximize our impact in Bali. Remember that this is what you make possible every time you shop 4ocean and pull a pound of trash.

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Discover our main operational base in Denpasar

Denpasar is the gateway to Bali, providing access to virtually all of the island and its plastic-strewn beaches. That’s why, in March 2018, we chose Denpasar as the site of 4ocean’s very first international headquarters. Click the button below to see our Denpasar facility and learn more about our cleanup strategy in this area.

Explore Denpasar Operations

Explore our cleanup operations in Medewi

Medewi is a tiny, remote village on the southern coast of Bali that gives us access to more than 20 beaches impacted by plastic pollution. We expanded operations to Medewi in October 2018. Click the button below to explore our strategy in this area and meet a few members of the crew.

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