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Sustainability matters now more than ever

Consumers demand it


of consumers believe businesses need to place at least equal weight on society's interests as they do business interests

People expect it


of the general population would rather pay more for products and services that are produced responsibly

Talent seeks it


of millennial workers consider companies' social and environmental commitments when deciding where to work

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Real progress, real impact

"Our partnership with 4ocean exemplifies our commitment to environmental preservation and signifies a new era of collaboration where companies unite to tackle the critical issue of ocean pollution." 

Alex Mongeon

Co-Founder + CEO

"Our partnership with 4ocean is truly one of my all-time favorites."

Cassandra Thurswell


"We're proud to be part of the impactful work 4ocean is doing to protect our oceans and hope our involvement inspires other brands to join this cause."

Daniel Goetz

Founder + CEO

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Why choose us

Partnering with 4ocean means joining a global cleanup effort. We retrieve ocean-impacting plastic with transparency, accountability, and traceability, third-party audited for continued adherence to high standards.

The 4ocean difference

Partnering with 4ocean means joining a global cleanup effort with transparency and accountability, actively removing ocean-impacting plastic.

Partnership opportunities

Discover how 4ocean can help you achieve your businesses' sustainability goals.

Ocean Plastic Neutral Certification

For every pound of plastic you produce, we'll remove an equivalent amount of plastic waste from the world's oceans, rivers, and coastlines. It's just like carbon offsets, only for plastic.

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Cleanup Sponsor

Remove a specific amount of trash from the world's oceans, rivers, and coastlines to help generate extra buzz about new products, special events, and other sustainable initiatives.

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Buy One, Pull One Partner

Pull one or more pounds of trash and plastic from the ocean for every product sold, order placed, client signed, or service rendered. It's a great way to get people excited about doing business with your brand!

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Custom Bracelets

Custom bracelets are ideal for corporate gifting, employee gifting and appreciation,event trade shows and conferences. Our bracelets are a wearable keepsake that'll ensure you're remembered for all the right reasons!

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