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Thanks so much for reaching out about teaming up with us to clean the ocean!
A member of our crew will reach out within the next week to find a good time to connect,
chat about your brand’s sustainability goals, and how we can work together to achieve them.

Here’s what to expect next:


We’ll review your application and determine whether you’re a candidate for our Plastic Neutral Certification. Expect a response within the next 48 business hours.


If you are an approved candidate, we’ll meet with you and your team to gain insight into your sustainability goals, values, and priorities. Then we’ll perform an audit to calculate your plastic footprint.


At the end of our auditing process, you’ll receive a comprehensive report that provides key insights into your plastic footprint and environmental impact.


You’ll purchase one 4ocean Plastic Credit for each pound of plastic you want to offset based on your plastic footprint.

 Our professional captains and crews will recover one pound of plastic waste from the world’s oceans, rivers, and coastlines for each 4ocean Plastic Credit you purchase.


Detailed documentation and third party audits provide full transparency into the origins and handling of each and every pound of trash we recover on your behalf so you can track your impact.


We’ll share your sustainability story with our audience—a growing community of over 9 million people who are eager to support businesses that support the clean ocean movement. You’ll also receive our marketing toolkit which comes with your official certification as well as badges and creative assets that you can use to share your impact with consumers, investors, and key stakeholders.