Transforming ocean waste into products with a purpose


4ocean Plastic is a collection of recycled plastics that were recovered from the ocean by our professional, full-time cleanup crews and processed to create high-quality raw materials. 4ocean Plastic pellets are available in several resin types (including rPET, rHDPE, and rPP) and can be used to replace virgin plastics in a wide range of applications.

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rPET (#1)

Recycled polyethylene terephthalate

rHDPE (#2)

Recycled high-density polyethylene

rLDPE (#4)

Recycled low-density polyethylene

rPP (#5)

Recycled polypropylene

rPS (#6)

Recycled polystyrene

rPolyamide 6 (Nylon 6)

Recycled polycaprolactam


Setting the new standard for upcycled ocean materials

The sustainability marketplace is crowded with companies claiming that their products are made from “ocean bound” plastics or recycled ocean plastic. Unfortunately, many of those same companies are unable to trace the origins of the plastic they’re using back to the ocean itself.

4ocean is the only company that hires full-time captains and crews to recover marine debris directly from the ocean, rivers, and coastlines 7 days a week. We follow a strict documentation process that allows us to trace each and every pound of trash back to its source. Not only can we tell you when and where our materials were recovered, we can also tell you which members of our crew recovered them and what tools and vessels were used to do it.

Our meticulous documentation process sets a new standard for accuracy and accountability regarding products made from upcycled ocean materials. GreenCircle Certified — an independent, third-party certification organization — will audit and verify that the entire chain of custody of 4ocean Plastic™ is sourced from oceans, rivers, and coastlines.

The slider below explains each step of our certification process in detail.


GreenCircle will audit our documentation to observe our cleanups and verify that the materials entering our supply chain originate from the ocean, rivers and coastlines. Ocean materials are recovered by professional, full-time 4ocean cleanup crews.


GreenCircle will audit our supply chain to verify how our materials are handled over the course of their lifecycle and will issue certificates for each product that has been verified to use 4ocean materials.


GreenCircle will certify that there is a clear chain of custody between 4ocean and our ocean material suppliers. This requires a verifiable paper and photo trail that fully documents the journey of our materials to their final destination, including equipment and vessels used.


GreenCircle will audit and verify the entire manufacturing process for all 4ocean products claiming to use 4ocean Plastic™.


For each new product line containing our 4ocean plastic, GreenCircle will validate that we are the supplier of the raw material and follow it through the manufacturer’s supply chain to validate the delivery of the raw materials, raw material usage, finished goods, and finished good shipping.

If you’re interested in partnering with 4ocean or sourcing certified 4ocean Plastic™, please reach out to so we can explore what’s possible together.