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Bamboo Diapers

Bamboo Diapers

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DYPER has created the most thoughtful diaper for the most precious of customers. Their diapers use Chlorine-Free fluff pulp and are free of harmful chemicals or irritants such as latex, alcohol, perfumes, PVC, lotions, TBT or Phthalates. They made them with Bamboo because it is soft, odorless and breathable.


Fit and Quantitiy:
  • Newborn, 10 lbs & under (66 diapers)
  • Small, 6 - 16 lbs (56 diapers)
  • Medium, 13 - 22 libs (46 diapers)
  • Large, 20 - 31 lbs (35 diapers)
  • Extra Large, 28 lbs & over (30 diapers)


DYPER Bamboo Diapers
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    TEXTILE CONTENT: Outside Cover: 100% Viscose From Bamboo Fibers, Inside Cover: 100% Viscose From Bamboo. Legcuffs: 100% PE, Inner Film: 100% PLA, Elastics: 100% PE, Others.

    COMPONENTS: Cellulose, Non-Woven Fabrics, PLA, Super Absorbent Polymer, Thermoplastic Adhesive, Elastics


    1. Open the diaper and slide it under your baby while gently lifting his or her legs and feet. Make sure to "massage" the diaper to remove any packing creases or imperfections.
    2. Bring the front part of the diaper up between your baby's legs and onto his or her belly. Run your fingers along the outside edge of the diaper, between the legs, to activate the leak guard.
    3. Bring the fastening strips around and fasten snugly. Don't be shy.
    4. Perform the snug check -- you should be barely able to insert your finger between the diaper and your baby's body.

    Why we love this product

    • Gentle on your baby's skin with a soft and durable design.
    • Made with responsibly sourced, renewable Bamboo fibers to reduce your environmental impact.
    • Free of unwanted ingredients like chlorine, latex, and perfumes for a thoughtful approach to diapering.