Cleanup Combo

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Cleanup Combo

Cleanup Combo

Purchasing this product pulls 2 pounds of trash from the ocean
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By purchasing this cleanup gear, you will remove two pounds of trash from the world’s oceans, rivers, and coastlines—plus whatever you collect on your own!

  • Stainless steel handle with locking clasp, D-ring, and wire opening
  • Handle is weather, rust, and corrosion resistant
  • Closure locks to secure under handle
  • Hinged wire opening for easy open and shut
  • D-ring easily attaches to strap or belt to keep hands free while picking up trash or diving
  • Durable, lightweight, recycled PET nylon mesh works in and out of water and drains easily
  • Mesh sized specifically to keep microplastic and other debris securely inside
  • Multi-purpose bag is ideal for cleanups, diving, and general carry + storage
  • Bag measures 18”x24” with a 2”x4” handle
  • Cleanup gloves feature 13-gauge nylon liner with nitrile palm coating to protect hands and keep them clean; available in three sizes:
    • Small: 18cm / 7 inches
    • Medium: 19cm / 7.5 inches
    • Large: 20cm / 8 inches
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    Don’t pass it up, pick it up

    Cleanups are one of the most effective ways to raise awareness about plastic pollution because they allow us to experience the impact of this global crisis right in our own backyard. Seeing the products we use everyday as litter can give us a whole new perspective on the impact of our consumption habits and encourage us to rethink our relationship with plastic. This firsthand experience with plastic pollution often inspires small lifestyle changes that add up to create an enormous impact!

    For safety guidelines and tips on how to plan a successful cleanup, check out our Cleanup Guide below. And be sure to share your cleanup photos and stories with @4ocean on Instagram using #4oceanLifestyle. We can’t wait to see what you find!

    Check out our Cleanup Guide →