Limited Edition Manta Ray 2-Pound Pack

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Limited Edition Manta Ray 2-Pound Pack

Limited Edition Manta Ray 2-Pound Pack

Purchasing this product pulls 1 pound of trash from the ocean
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Limited edition 

In less than 90 years, manta ray populations have declined by nearly 80 percent due to threats like plastic pollution, climate change, overfishing, and illegal hunting. We introduced our limited edition Manta Ray Bracelets to shine a spotlight on these issues and drive positive action on behalf of manta rays. For every Manta Ray 2-Pound Pack sold this month, we’ll pull two pounds of trash from the ocean, rivers, and coastlines and donate $2 to our partner of the month, Indonesian Manta Project.

The coral and black cords of our Manta Ray Bracelets represent the combined threats that are causing manta populations to spiral. The new manta ray charm makes it easier to identify your bracelet and raise awareness about the plight of manta rays. As always, the “4O” charm identifies you as a member of the clean ocean movement and symbolizes your commitment to the clean ocean movement.

Have a 4ocean product you don’t use anymore? Send it back to us so we can recycle it or dispose of it in the most sustainable way possible. Reach out to our customer service team to get started!
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