Face Mask + Support Frame 2-Pound Pack

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Face Mask + Support Frame 2-Pound Pack

Face Mask + Support Frame 2-Pound Pack

Purchasing this product pulls 1 pound of trash from the ocean
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Protect each other. Protect the ocean.

Pull 2 pounds of trash from the ocean and encourage loved ones to join the clean ocean movement with this practical starter pack. 

Made from GOTS-certified 100% organic cotton, our 2-ply face masks are a simple swap for disposable face masks that are polluting the ocean and entangling wildlife. They’re ultra soft and super breathable, which makes them an ideal gift for anyone who’s required to wear a mask at work, school, or because they travel often. 

Our innovative support frames are one of our best-selling products because they: 

  • Alleviate mask wearing fatigue
  • Provide more room to breathe
  • Make it easier to communicate
  • Keep your mask in place while you talk
  • Help prevent foggy glasses
  • Are made in the USA from 100% recycled plastic, including 50% 4ocean Plastic

Disclaimer: 4ocean Face Masks and Support Frames are intended to be used for general, non-medical uses.

Learn more about the 4ocean Face Mask Support Frame

Have a 4ocean product you don’t use anymore? Send it back to us so we can recycle it or dispose of it in the most sustainable way possible. Reach out to our customer service team to get started!
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