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A message from our Co-founder

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One for One Model

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Our One for One model allows you to clean the ocean for every product sold, client signed, or service rendered.

Fast and Easy Integration

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Integrate our partnership program quickly and effortlessly into your business operations, enhancing your commitment to cleaner oceans.

Flexible Payment Structure

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Our payment system ties directly to your sales, financing ocean cleanup only for products sold, ensuring both practicality and economic efficiency.

Our Buy One Pull One Partners

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4ocean is proud to partner with Kitsch, a leader in sustainable beauty, through our Pull a Pound campaign. Kitsch’s beauty bars, packaged sustainably, prevent two bottles of liquid shampoo and conditioner from polluting the environment. For every bar purchased, 4ocean removes the equivalent of one plastic shampoo bottle from our oceans and coastlines. This partnership aims to remove over 1.5 million plastic shampoo bottles from marine environments, turning daily beauty routines into powerful acts of ocean conservation. Together, Kitsch and 4ocean are making significant strides towards cleaner oceans and coastlines.

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Vision Marine

4ocean is proud to partner with Vision Marine, pioneers in electric marine propulsion, to amplify our mutual commitment to ocean conservation. For every electric outboard sold, Vision Marine facilitates the removal of 300 pounds of trash from our oceans. Moreover, with every electric vessel sold, an impressive 500 pounds of trash are cleared from marine environments. This collaboration not only advances cleaner boating solutions but significantly reduces ocean pollution, steering us towards healthier marine ecosystems with every purchase. Together, Vision Marine and 4ocean are powering a cleaner future on and off the water.

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Serena & Lily

4ocean is thrilled to collaborate with Serena & Lily on an impactful initiative. For each item sold from their Wave Bedding, Driftway, and South Seas collections, Serena & Lily has committed to removing five pounds of plastic and trash from the world’s oceans. This significant commitment helps tackle the pressing issue of marine pollution and supports a cleaner, healthier marine environment. Through this partnership, Serena & Lily not only enhances your home with their elegant designs but also ensures that each purchase contributes to global ocean conservation efforts. Together, we are making profound strides towards a cleaner ocean with every product sold.

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4ocean is excited to partner with Florence Marine X, offering a unique opportunity to combine membership benefits with environmental impact. For every new Florence Membership sign-up, we commit to removing one pound of trash from the ocean. This partnership aligns with our mutual goal of preserving marine ecosystems while providing members with exclusive benefits. Learn more about the advantages of becoming a Florence member and how to sign up by clicking the button below. Together, each membership sign-up drives us closer to cleaner oceans.

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“Our collaboration with 4ocean isn't just about selling products; it's about forging a path towards sustainability and environmental restoration. With every purchase, Kitsch customers become agents of change, joining us in our commitment to cleaner oceans and a brighter future."

Cassandra Thurswell



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