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  • Plastic Offset Program

    Fund our cleanups every month without getting a bracelet.

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    Pull double pounds and get a new, limited edition bracelet every month!

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Biodegradable Sponge Subscription

  • 30 Pack of Sponges
  • 100% natural plant cellulose sponges
  • All natural and fully compostable
  • Use one a day and throw it away to prevent bacteria buildup

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LunchSkins Shark Sandwich Bags

The eco-disposable, self-sealing food storage bag you can feel good about using! Remove the self-adhesive closure strip to seal in freshness. These durable & naturally grease-resistant paper bags are Recyclable + Sealable. Perfect for: sandwiches, snacks, treats, and much more. Use it at home or on the go! 

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Kitsch Shower Bar Collection

Check out why so many people are switching the Kitsch shampoo, conditioner and body wash bars instead of the traditional plastic bottles. From packaging to the product itself, Kitsch has identified where they could eliminate excess waste and source materials that are better for the environment, without compromising the quality of their products.

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