pounds of trash recovered from the world’s 

oceans, rivers, and coastlines since 2017

A global crisis requires a global solution

4ocean is one of the only companies in the world that directly manages a global ocean cleanup operation and employs professional, full-time captains and crews to recover plastic and other harmful debris from the world’s oceans, rivers, and coastlines seven days a week. Our efforts are funded through the sale of our products and the support of our dedicated partners. 

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4ocean Florida

Our Florida crew specializes in cleaning the Intracoastal Waterway, which includes countless beaches, inlets, canals, estuaries, and other coastal areas along the east coast as well as open waters of the Atlantic Ocean. We also specialize in cleaning vulnerable mangrove forests which are protected under the Mangrove Act in the State of Florida.

4ocean Florida: Special Project

Osborne Reef Tire Cleanup

Osborne Reef was a coral restoration project that tried to build the world’s longest artificial reef using millions of old passenger car tires. Unfortunately, the project failed and loose tires have been migrating across the seafloor since the 1970s. These tires weigh anywhere from 40 to 50 pounds and cause significant damage to vulnerable and endangered coral habitats all along the coast. 

Our dive crew uses Halcyon Dive Systems equipment and lift bags below the ocean’s surface to help recover these tires and protect our coral reefs. Our designated cleanup area spans 34 acres of seabed just north of the original drop site where hundreds of thousands of loose tires have migrated. Click the button below to learn more about this historic underwater cleanup and how you can support it!

4ocean Indonesia

With four locations spread across two islands, 4ocean Indonesia has significant access to the oceans, rivers, and coastlines of Bali and Java, including West Bali National Park. 

These crews specialize in the installation and maintenance of our river boom systems, which trap plastic that would otherwise flow downriver and into the ocean.

We’ve already deployed two river boom systems—one in the Ijo Gading River, which is considered the island’s largest contributor to ocean plastic pollution, and another in the Samblong River, which is a small but highly polluted river in Bali’s Jembrana Regency.

4ocean Guatemala

Preventing plastic from entering the ocean is the crux of our strategy in Guatemala. Our main operational base is located in the harbor city of Puerto Barrios, which also supports two satellite locations in the small coastal villages of El Quetzalito and San Francisco del Mar.

While our teams do recover plastic from the open ocean, our main focus is preventing plastic from entering the ocean through the Rio Motagua, a heavily polluted river that stretches 300 miles from the remote central highlands of Guatemala to the Caribbean Sea. We also concentrate our efforts on high-impact areas along the coast, specifically in the Gulf of Honduras, where massive amounts of trash accumulates.

We take care of our crews

As plastic pollution and climate change continue to impact the marine environment, communities that rely on the ocean for their livelihoods are finding it increasingly difficult to earn a living and often have few alternatives for steady work. 

4ocean has always been committed to hiring people who live in the communities we serve. All of our captains and crews are hired full time and paid fair living wages. We also cover all health insurance costs and provide additional benefits and bonus incentives. 

The jobs we create help counteract the economic impacts of plastic pollution, incentivize environmental stewardship at the local level, and bring new opportunities for growth, equality, education, and prosperity to our crew members, their families, and their communities.

…and we’re third-party verified

The 4ocean TrashTracker is audited quarterly by the Better Business Bureau to verify that our crews have actually recovered all of the trash we claim they have. 

GreenCircle Certified has also observed our cleanups through photos, audited our TrashTracker, and verified our process for tracing our recovered materials through our entire supply chain. After many lengthy and thorough inspections, GreenCircle has certified that:

4ocean Recovered Materials are collected directly from the world’s oceans, rivers, and coastlines by our full-time captains and crews.

4ocean’s Clean-Up Partnership Program has a process in place for collecting and documenting ocean materials collected on behalf of our partners.

Our materials are traceable over the course of their lifecycle.

Engineered by us. Funded by you.

Our global ocean cleanup operation is only possible thanks to the ongoing support of the clean ocean movement. 

Individuals who want to support us can visit our shop where every product purchased funds the removal of five pounds of trash from the world’s oceans, rivers, and coastlines. 

We also offer a variety of partnership opportunities that make it easy for global corporations, small businesses, nonprofits, governments, and other organizations to get involved and make a real impact. 

Together, we can build a more sustainable future where humanity grows alongside nature and not at its expense.

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