4ocean Crews Rescue Entangled Dolphin

4ocean Crews Rescue Entangled Dolphin


A 4ocean cleanup crew in Bali rescued an entangled bottlenose dolphin in the Pebuahan Ocean off the coast of Jembrana on Tues, Nov 10.

It was a routine cleanup mission for Vessel Unit 4 when the crew spotted a floating patch of debris in the Pebuahan Ocean on Tuesday. As they taxied closer, cleanup gear at the ready, they noticed something alarming: an animal was entangled in the debris. As they approached, it became clear the situation was life-and-death; the dolphin was struggling to breathe as the heavy debris dragged it underwater.

The rescue

Realizing just how urgent the situation was, our crew sprang into action. They didn’t hesitate to haul the dolphin aboard where they quickly and carefully used scissors and a knife to cut each twist of the fishing line that was tangled around the dolphin’s mouth, body, and tail. Several fishing rods were entangled in the debris and a few fishing hooks had to be removed as well.

In addition to the injuries caused by the line that entangled it, the dolphin had also sustained an injury to its side which was most likely the result of shark predation. Luckily, the guilty party wasn’t entangled or in the area.

After making sure that all of the line and hooks were removed from the dolphin’s body and that no injuries were life threatening, the crew released it back into the ocean where it quickly recovered and swam away.

The debris

After freeing the dolphin, our crew turned their attention to the debris left behind. They identified the fishing line and rods as those used to catch layur fish. The fishing line measured about 25 meters (82 feet) and weighed about 3kg (or 6.6 pounds).

Lost and abandoned fishing gear accounts for about 10% of all marine debris. Countless whales, dolphins, sea turtles, seabirds, fish, and marine mammals are entangled each year and not all of them are so lucky.

In Bali, all types of dolphins are protected and live freely, meaning they aren’t hunted. Entanglement of marine fauna is unfortunately a common occurrence, but thanks to the educational efforts of Bali’s maritime authorities, fishermen have been taught to release protected fauna like dolphins when they’re found entangled.

Every pound pulled makes a difference

We’re incredibly proud of our crew’s quick thinking and calm action which led to such a positive outcome. We’re also thankful to the clean ocean movement for making the work we do possible. If it weren’t for you and all the pounds you pull, our crews wouldn’t have been there to save this dolphin.

There are many ways to support our mission to end the ocean plastic crisis and make it possible for our crews to do what they do each and every day:

    • Pull a pound: We remove one pound of trash from the ocean for every product purchased. You can even commemorate this rescue with our Dolphin Bracelets! If you want to fund the removal of trash without purchasing a product, pull a Pound+ instead! You can even subscribe to the Pound+ program and pull up to 1,000 pounds every month.

    • Reduce your plastic footprint: Preventing plastic pollution will always be more effective than cleaning it up. Our line of reusable products help eliminate the most common types of single-use plastic pollution.

    • Educate others: Use your 4ocean products as conversation starters and educate others about our impact on the ocean so they can take steps to reduce their plastic footprint and join the clean ocean community by pulling pounds, too!

  • Advocate for the ocean: Show your support for ocean-friendly legislation that addresses the causes and impacts of plastic pollution. The first comprehensive piece of ocean-friendly legislation is in front of the U.S. Congress right now, so tell them you support the Break Free From Plastic Pollution Act.
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