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Today we swapped trash bags for surfboards, traded in boots for boardshorts, and work gloves for waxed-up boards.


Let me set the stage for you. These guys are the backbone of our operation. They clean the oceans, rivers, and coastlines of Bali, Indonesia, six days a week. When our Co-Founder, Alex, recently learned that most of the team had never had the opportunity to surf the perfect waves Bali is known for, he somewhat ironically stated, “Let my people go surfing.” Yes, boss!

     We decided to shake things up a bit and give our hardworking team a well-deserved break and show them some extra love and appreciation. So, we rallied the troops from all three of our facilities on the island for a day of sun, sea, and serious bonding. After all the sweat, and plastic they endure daily, our team deserved a day to let loose, try something totally outside their comfort zone, and bask in the beauty of the place they work so tirelessly to preserve.

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     We hired ten local surf instructors and a stack of surfboards big enough to make Poseidon proud. With reef-safe sunscreen on our noses and excitement in the air, we kicked things off with a pop-up lesson and some pre-surf stretching – gotta limber up before hitting the water, right?

     And let me tell you, seeing our team gear up with excitement was just the beginning of an unforgettable day. Once we hit the water, it was like watching a bunch of kids on Christmas morning – wide-eyed, grinning from ear to ear, and absolutely buzzing with excitement. You could feel the strong bond between them, with constant high fives and shared party waves bringing everyone together in a pure “surfers high.”


     Feeling their beaming joy and contagious stoke reminds us why we do what we do—because moments like these make all the hard work worthwhile.

     Today wasn't just about surfing; it was a celebration of our hard work, unity, and the profound happiness that comes from experiencing the beauty of the oceans. The place we dedicate our lives to preserving.

      So, to our Bali 4ocean team: Thanks for reminding us why we do what we do and for showing us the true meaning of stoke. Here’s to many more epic adventures together – both on land and sea.Until next time, keep riding those waves of joy!


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