4ocean Hosts
Conservation Village At
Mother Ocean Music Festival!

Mikaela Walsh, 4ocean Research Analyst

We packed up the van and headed to Margaritaville Beach Resort!

The team assembled the tent and organized the bracelets outside Margaritaville in Hollywood Beach, Florida, to spread awareness about Earth Day. Our mission was to encourage visitors to reduce, reuse, and recycle! Through education, we expressed the importance of keeping our oceans clean and the impact of small lifestyle changes on our environment.


      4occean hosted a conservation village along the coastline at the Mother Ocean Music Festival. To encourage exploring all the booths, guests had to go to all eight partnering booths, talk to them about their organization and mission, and receive a stamp. If they had all eight stamps, they would get a bracelet! This allowed us to highlight other local conservation organizations.

 Guests had to visit with these amazing educational conservation organizations:


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      Each booth had unique interactive activities to help visitors understand the harmful effects of plastic pollution and other environmental issues. There were microscopes to examine specimens under a lens, examples of plastic debris floating compared to jellyfish, and a game where visitors had to guess the duration for various plastic debris items to decay!
      Many families came to enjoy the educational aspect of this event and left with the biggest smiles on their faces. Education and raising awareness are crucial aspects of our mission. This event successfully promoted education and raised awareness about ending the oceanic plastic crisis. We hope to see you at the next one!

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