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Meet 4ocean’s Wavemakers of the Month

Olivia, age 12, and Julia, age 8, recently started the Sister 4ocean Fundraiser to help fund our global cleanup operation and support the clean ocean movement.


Olivia and Julia prove that you can make a real impact on the ocean plastic crisis at any age. All you need to do is care and act. We are incredibly inspired by their passion for the ocean and humbled by the lengths they’ve gone to support our mission.

These wavemakers embody every single one of the values that we hold dear. And that’s why we’re beyond stoked to announce that Olivia and Julia are now honorary members of the 4ocean cleanup crew.

This is their story.


How they got started

When she was just six years old, Olivia learned that her most favorite animal on the planet, the elephant, was in danger of becoming extinct. Her first response was, “I have to do something!” She decided to use her artwork to raise money from family and friends. With their outpouring of support, Olivia raised $1,100 and, with a little help from her parents, Vanessa and Scott, she donated 100% of the proceeds to organizations that could help protect the elephants she loves so dearly.

Since then, Olivia and her sister Julia have continually identified causes that speak to their hearts and found ways to help. Together, they have raised money for sea turtles, UNICEF, jaguars,, and Peach’s Neet Feet.


Cleaning up the beach

Olivia and Julia with their 4ocean Clean-up Totes
Olivia and Julia with their 4ocean Cleanup Totes


Last summer, Olivia and Julia’s family traveled to New York where their mother, Vanessa grew up loving the beach. It’s where they often go to find a bit of peace and beauty. But this trip was different. Instead of looking at and collecting seashells, Olivia and Julia scoured the beach for trash and collected it using the 4ocean Cleanup Kits they’d gotten for their birthdays. While they cleaned, they engaged other beach goers in conversation about 4ocean and the importance of clean beaches.


Starting the Sister 4ocean Fundraiser

Olivia and Julia Creating a sign to support the Sister 4ocean Fundraiser
Creating a sign to support the Sister 4ocean Fundraiser


Empowered to do more after that trip, Olivia and Julia decided it was time to host another fundraiser. In June, they started selling handmade jewelry, bookmarks, and notecards with their very own beach artwork as part of the “Sister 4ocean Fundraiser.” They set an initial goal of $500 but since then have far surpassed it.


Spreading the word

Olivia and Julia proudly display their first shipment of 4ocean Cleanup Totes
The girls proudly display their first shipment of 4ocean Cleanup Totes


Their fundraiser is not yet closed and orders are still coming in. So far, they’ve been able to purchase 70 4ocean Cleanup Totes. Olivia and Julia hope that, once the covid crisis is more contained, they can go back to their favorite beach and pass these bags out to other beachgoers as a way to start conversations that will bring greater awareness and change.


Catching up with our Wavemakers

Our co-founders, Alex and Andrew, recently had a chance to chat with Olivia and Julia via FaceTime about helping the environment, the importance of philanthropy, and the positive impact they’re having on their community, our oceans, and our planet.

Alex and Andrew were blown away with their knowledge of the space and their hard hitting questions. “They were more prepared than most journalists that I encounter!” said Alex after the call. It was a great chance to connect directly with passionate members of the clean ocean movement. We are so excited to see what Olivia and Julia do next!


Support the clean ocean movement

There are many ways to support our mission of ending the ocean plastic crisis. Of course, you can visit our shop and take advantage of our One Pound Promise to pull a pound of trash for each item you buy. Consider becoming a member of our Clean Ocean Club, a monthly subscription that helps fund our global cleanup operation. If you want to pull a pound without purchasing a product, check out our new Pound+ Program!

You can also organize your own cleanup or talk to your neighbors about plastic pollution, just like Olivia and Julia. You can swap single-use plastics for reusable and sustainable alternatives. You can also support ocean-friendly legislation by writing to your local representatives about the Break Free From Plastic Pollution Act, which is in the U.S. Congress right now.

We’d love to hear what you’re doing, so take a moment to tell us in the comments!

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