4ocean Partners with SeaTrees to "Wipe Out" Carbon Footprint

What Does it Mean to be "Ocean Positive?" SeaTrees Knows


Earlier this year at the Surf Expo tradeshow in Orlando, FL, we met a couple of guys from SustainableSurf.org and started talking to them about a relatively new concept in ocean conservation, their appropriately named SeaTrees projects. These "regenerative" projects are creating an #OceanPositive effect because they fall in line with recommendations from the United Nations on how to protect and restore critical habits that sequester carbon at up to 5x's the rate of terrestrial forests. All SeaTrees projects are high-quality and provide multiple UN SDG benefits, such as jobs, education, climate impact, biodiversity, etc.


What is SeaTrees?

SustainableSurf.org provides financial support to these types of SeaTrees projects that protect and restore critical ocean ecosystems, such as:

  • Mangrove forests
  • Kelp forests
  • Coral reefs
  • Seagrass
  • Watershed conservation

SeaTrees is able to direct funding to these projects through brand partnerships like the one we set up with them and through direct sales of artist-collaborative products. All of these projects have rigorous evaluation mechanisms to prove that benefits have been produced for the funds supplied.  

The ultimate goal is to connect people and brands with the communities, social entrepreneurs, and scientists that are trying to protect and restore critical ocean ecosystems. That is why a partnership with them made so much sense for us. The projects launch publicly on Wednesday, June 26, 2019. To celebrate, SeaTrees has promised to plant one SeaTree for each person that follows them on their Instagram pageso make sure you hit up their page today and follow them!


What is Ocean Positive?

Ocean Positive denotes a brand or individual that has committed to “wipe out” their climate impact by supporting SeaTrees projects. One SeaTree Token will be purchased for every ton of carbon dioxide being wiped out.

Ocean Positive means that a brand or individual has used their carbon footprint as a baseline to create a positive benefit for ocean health. An Ocean Positive brand like 4ocean eliminates this impact and creates additional positive benefits for both people and planet. This supports the regeneration of ocean ecosystems, protection of endangered species, and sustainable development goals such as jobs, healthcare, and education.

The emission of carbon dioxide threatens oceans in many ways, such as ocean acidification, ocean warming, and climate change. An Ocean Positive brand or individual “wipes out” that impact and creates many additional benefits beyond just the carbon benefit.


4ocean and SeaTrees Partner to Wipe Out Our 2018 Carbon Footprint

What is a SeaTree Token?

One SeaTree Token represents one metric ton of carbon dioxide "wiped out" on behalf of of an individual or brand, who has calculated their carbon footprint through the SeaTrees platform. Each SeaTree Token will be comprised of the following mix:

  • .5 tons of a VCS certified carbon credit, from the Southern Cardmom REDD+ Project
  • Mangrove tree planting on Biak Island that is estimated to sequester 1.7 tons CO2 over the lifetime of the trees (25 years). This project is not creating a VCS certified carbon credit, but has other established reporting and monitoring systems in place

In addition to the carbon sequestered, SeaTree Tokens support development of the SeaTrees platform and other regenerative projects with many SDG benefits, such as kelp forests, seagrass meadows, and coral reef regeneration. These projects need support because they do not fit traditional carbon market accounting, and/or are too expensive to fund on carbon benefit alone.


    How 4ocean “wiped out” our climate impact

    4ocean used a comprehensive approach to calculate the carbon footprint from as many corporate operations as possible.

    For the year 2018, carbon emissions came from the following sources:

    • Fuel usage of vehicles and boats (164 tons CO2e*)
    • Electricity usage in all buildings (76 tons)
    • Emissions from all employee air travel (116 tons)
    • Lifecycle footprint of all bracelets sold (326 tons)
    • Shipping emissions of all bracelets sold (355 tons)

    Our total footprint of 1,191 tons CO2e has been “wiped out” and an equivalent number of SeaTrees Tokens have been purchased.

    The calculation used broad boundaries to measure carbon emissions and includes Scope 1 (direct emissions), Scope 2 (indirect emissions), and Scope 3 (external emissions). Additionally, 4ocean added a 15% buffer to the final calculation to account for any missed emission sources.

    Don't forget you can help be a part of the solution, too. Follow them on Instagram today to plant one SeaTree and consider buying your own SeaTree Tokens to "wipe out" your personal carbon footprint. 




    *The international standard unit of carbon dioxide measurement is metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e).
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