Captain Kate Discovers
Deadly Plastic While
Cleaning the Ocean

Upon hearing reports of a dangerous amount of Ghost Nets in the mangroves of the Florida Keys, Captain Kate joined the 4ocean Florida Team to create a bracelet that lets anyone in the world join the cleanup! During the cleanup, we found styrofoam, ghost nets, and many different types of plastic. Captain Kate decided to put these materials into the bezel of this bracelet as a daily reminder of the incredible change each one of us can make. Together, we’re removing 5 pounds of trash from the ocean for each bracelet sold!

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Each bracelet bezel is made with the plastic Captain Kate removed from the ocean - and let us tell you, it was a dirty job! Quantities are limited so dive into the cleanup strike mission and get your Captain Kate bracelet before they’re gone!


4ocean x Captain Kate Beaded Bracelet

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