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Counting Down to 2019 - The 4ocean Way


Over the past ten days on our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages, we have been counting down ways to achieve your New Year's Resolutions the 4ocean way.  Make sure to check out those pages or click on the icons below to see all the great videos from our staff explaining why it shouldn't be too hard to keep those promises to yourself in a more sustainable way while also helping ocean cleanup around the world.


In case you missed it, here is a quick recap of our 4ocean 2019 Countdown...


10.  A Plastic-Free World. Reduce the amount of plastic entering the ocean by switching to a reusable bottle. Just one reusable bottle can prevent around 156 plastic bottles on average from entering the ocean every year.



 9. Get Outside More. It's easier to get outdoors when you have a reason to be out there! Enjoy and protect nature at the same time by joining a 4ocean Community Cleanup or hosting a cleanup of your own no matter where you live. 


8. Recycle More. Choosing products made from recycled materials gives them value. Our bracelets are made with recycled ocean plastic and glass, including plastic and glass bottles recovered by 4ocean employees.


7. Make a Difference in Someone's Life. Even small actions can have a huge impact. Discover how cleaning the ocean is making a difference in the lives of thousands and how you can help.


6. Get Healthier. Giving up soda or smoking will make you, and the ocean, healthier! Soda bottles/cans, bottle caps, and cigarette butts are some of the most common types of plastic we find on the beach. Visit your nearest nature center to see how your bad habits impact the environment firsthand.


5. Meet New People. Every new relationship starts with a good conversation. Our bracelets help get that conversation started and show your love for the ocean to everyone you meet.  


4. Get Educated. Learning new things improves our confidence, gives us power, improves our mental health, and makes us more interesting companions. Get a new bracelet every month and updates on all the causes, ecosystems, and wildlife we are having a positive impact on. 


3. Practice Mindfulness. Mindfulness means becoming more aware of where you are and what you are doing at any given moment. Use this one to become aware of ocean plastic pollution, ocean cleanup, ocean conservation, what we are doing to help save the ocean, and how you can help. 


2. Find a New Hobby. A new hobby can build confidence, develop a skill, reduce stress, and even change the world. Make cleaning the ocean or local waterway your new hobby and start collecting 4ocean bracelets to help us continue our ocean cleaning endeavors around the world. You can get a head start with the Clean Ocean Collection


1. Live Life to the Fullest. We are on a mission to end the world's ocean plastic pollution crisis. The New Year's Resolution you can make today will help us create a better future for the ocean tomorrow. 


From all of us a 4ocean, we wish you the happiest and healthiest of years in 2019. Let's all collectively take a look within and find the places were we can all make positive changes not only for ourselves but for the ocean as well. You inspire us every day to come to work, to get out on the water, to be a beacon of change for people around the world, and to finish what we have set out to do.

It is going to take an army and we know that you are there with us every step of the way as we embark on this year's mission to clean the ocean on an even bigger scale and save what we have all come to love for many generations to come. 


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