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Cleaning up the Caribbean - 4ocean Haiti


When you picture the Caribbean, you probably imagine pristine, white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters; however, there is a darker side that most people do not know about. Ocean plastic pollution is a serious problem for a lot of islands in the region. Many of them simply do not have the local infrastructure and resources to deal with the waste that is produced. Once it makes its way into the ocean, prevailing winds and ocean currents can stack this rubbish on the beaches a meter high. This is what led us to Haiti and now we have a full-time cleanup operation on the island to help stem the flow of plastic and other trash into the ocean. With more than 80 individuals working to clean the ocean and coastlines 7 days a week, 4ocean is removing tens of thousands of pounds per month from this area. Check out this awesome video about the operation. 


Massive Amount of Plastic Pollution


4ocean Employees Collecting Ocean Plastic Pollution


4ocean Haiti Employee


4ocean Sorted Plastic Storage


4ocean Plastic Storage Facility


4ocean Plastic Bail


4ocean Plastic on Truck


Haiti may also be the first destination for the 4ocean Ocean Plastic Recovery Vessel. With the ability to target high-impact areas like river mouths, the OPR Vessel is likely going to be a game-changer for the region. The vessel can hold up to 310,000 pounds on her deck so being in remote locations to gather plastic shouldn't be a problem. Bringing this plastic back to our facility where we can weigh, sort and prepare it for recycling is the next step in the process. Finally, the plastic is formed into recycled plastic flake, pellets, or cord for reuse.


4ocean Ocean Plastic Recovery Vessel


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