Clean Ocean Technology

Help protect and preserve our oceans with new and innovative clean ocean technology from 4ocean and The Searial Cleaners.

Meet the bots

Made for the sole purpose of cleaning and restoring our coastlines and waterways while preserving the natural environment

4ocean Pixie Drone

Our remote-controlled or fully autonomous electric aquatic drone collects floating debris > 3mm (0.12”) and surface oils from waterways

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4ocean Collec’Thor

Our shore-powered electric skimmer operates autonomously 24/7 to keep harbors and marinas free from plastic, debris, and surface oils

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4ocean BeBot

Our strong beach-cleaning robot sifts through beach sand to recover plastic and debris without harming any coastal ecosystems

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4ocean is Poralu Marine’s distribution partner in North America and the Caribbean. All form submissions will be sent to an equipment specialist at Poralu Marine.