Boost Your Brand and Clean the Ocean

Offer co-branded, custom recycled gifts that leave a lasting impression and directly support ocean cleanup efforts

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Custom Branding

Amplify your brand presence with custom-logo bracelets tailored to your brand.

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Fast Turnaround

Rapid and reliable delivery to meet even the tightest event schedules or deadlines.

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Recycled Materials

Promote sustainability with gifts made from recycled materials.

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Cleans the Ocean

Your support helps fund crucial ocean clean-up efforts.

Our Partners

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Corona has joined forces with 4ocean in a groundbreaking partnership to tackle ocean pollution head-on. Through our joint initiative, we've deployed innovative boom systems in the Rio Motagua and Guatemala regions, specifically designed to intercept and remove trash from these critical waterways. To support this vital cleanup effort, we've launched an exclusive line of co-branded Corona and 4ocean bracelets. Sales from these bracelets directly fund the operations, employing local captains and crews in Guatemala who are on the front lines of ocean conservation. This collaboration not only helps keep our oceans clean but also empowers local communities to lead in environmental stewardship.

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Dave Matthews Band

Dave Matthews Band has teamed up with 4ocean in a dynamic partnership to merge music with environmental action. To extend their commitment to the planet, they've introduced a series of co-branded bracelets, available at their concert venues. These unique pieces have not only been a hit among fans but have also led to multiple reorders due to their popularity. Each bracelet sold contributes to our collective efforts to remove plastic from the ocean, supporting vital environmental initiatives. Fans of Dave Matthews Band can now show their support for both their favorite band and ocean conservation with every purchase. This initiative demonstrates a perfect harmony between passion for music and dedication to a sustainable planet.

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Barbie has partnered with 4ocean to create a special edition, custom-branded Barbie bracelet, combining iconic style with sustainability. This partnership reflects Barbie's commitment to increasing its environmental impact and raising awareness about the importance of sustainable materials. Each bracelet is crafted from recycled resources and supports 4ocean's mission to remove plastic from our oceans. With this collaboration, Barbie fans can now support environmental initiatives while sporting a stylish accessory that makes a positive statement for the planet. This innovative initiative allows fans to contribute to a cleaner world, showcasing how beloved brands can drive significant environmental change.

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WWF has partnered with 4ocean in a strategic collaboration to enhance ocean conservation efforts and preserve marine wildlife. By purchasing custom bracelets designed specifically for their campaign, WWF aims to not only raise funds for their vital mission but also to increase awareness about the importance of protecting our oceans. Each bracelet sold contributes directly to ocean cleanup projects, helping to remove trash that threatens marine life and ecosystems. This partnership enables supporters to make a tangible impact, uniting conservation efforts with stylish, meaningful accessories that represent a commitment to a healthier planet and thriving wildlife populations.

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"Each employee received a bracelet, and the response was very positive – our staff wore the bracelets proudly, and our company’s commitment sparked further conversations about environmental protection at the events and later on. With this purchase, msg global contributes to safeguarding our oceans and strives for a healthier planet for all.”

Florentina Jaeger-Beck

Assistant to the CEO Head of Global Marketing



"Being able to spread awareness to Rexel employees, customers, and suppliers on 4ocean's mission to end the plastic crisis has been amazing and rewarding. Rexel is grateful for what 4ocean does and is proud to be part of an important step toward making the world a better place. Our staff, customers, and suppliers love the bracelets and we are glad to be involved with the great work 4ocean is doing."

Ashley Bonnell

Chair of Rexel Atlantic’s ESG Committee


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