Christmas Wishes and a Broken 4ocean Bracelet: The Ted Baumuller Story

When our Co-Founder Alex sent an email full of Christmas wishes in 2022, he never expected to get a response like Ted’s.

And now, Ted has graciously allowed us to share his story with all of you:

Your email couldn't have come at a better time for me personally, so I feel like I need to share my story with you.

My father had a strange affinity for sharks ... I have no idea why, but it was deep. It's one of those things I wish I would have asked more questions when I was younger to truly understand him more.

In April of 2020, my dad unexpectedly passed away of an accidental drowning, and unfortunately due to COVID, I was unable to properly say goodbye. After the accident, the ONLY picture that was shared with me was a 'random broken bracelet' that I had never seen before. I asked my mom what it was and she mentioned to me that she had absolutely no idea what it was or where it came from. I soon learned, from your logo, that it was the shark bracelet.

Over the next several months, I started learning things about my father that I never knew, and it made me realize that I will not make the same mistakes with my 2 boys.

In August of 2020, I was on a family vacation in Avila Beach, CA and I walked into a surf shop and the FIRST thing I saw was that shark bracelet which I promptly purchased as I felt it was a sign. That October, I finally won a golf tournament at my club ... and I've been trying for YEARS ... wearing that bracelet. I am convinced that my dad was with me that weekend and I've given you all the credit.

Since then, the bracelet has represented everything I didn't know about my father ... I have NO idea why he purchased that bracelet, and there are so many other things I've learned. I have worn that bracelet ever since ... I've broken two, but I've always had a couple in reserve just in case ... I still have 2 waiting if it happens again.

Anyway ... when I read your email ... today ... on Christmas Day ... when I think of my dad the most ... I felt I needed to respond. I have learned more about your cause and I am completely committed to your effort, and truly honored to be part of your community. Keep fighting the good fight ... please know you are making a difference.

I hope your pup with the cast on his leg heals soon. Merry Christmas, Alex.

We’re sorry about your father, Ted, and so proud to see his passion for the ocean and our mission come alive in you and your sons. Also, Alex wanted you to know his doggy is a-okay! The cast was from an ACL surgery he needed after a really exciting game of fetch. The surgery went really well so Maverick is already back in action and feeling great!

And if you’re reading Ted’s story, we hope it inspires you to hold your loved ones a little closer, linger at the door a little longer, talk about what you love a little louder, and to see with fresh eyes all the small and beautiful things we tend to miss or take for granted when life gets busy. 

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