Meet Andrew, Competitive Swimmer and Sea Turtle Champion

Andrew’s mom recently reached out to tell us how much her son loves the ocean and how proud he is to be part of the clean ocean movement. 

Here’s what Susan had to say: 

We, and especially our son Andrew (he just turned 9), absolutely love what you do and your bracelets. He has been wearing them for a few years now and he never takes them off!

He absolutely loves to swim and is all about animals and the environment. He just presented a project to his school on the leatherback turtle and he was SO proud to talk about your bracelets and what you do (it was how he closed his presentation). He even says he wants to work with you when he grows up :) 

Andrew absolutely loves to swim. He is just completing his final level in Red Cross swimming here in Canada and he swims competitively. He wants to give one to his best friend who swims with him and he also bought one for his school best friend last year. It’s so amazing to see them all wearing your bracelets! Also, the boys swim six times a week and your bracelets never break or get damaged.

Needless to say, we’re beyond impressed with Andrew’s commitment to the clean ocean movement and so proud of him for taking the initiative to educate others about the impacts of plastic pollution. That’s exactly what it means to live our mission.

Keep spreading the stoke, little buddy! We can’t do this without you.

Become a sea turtle champion just like Andrew!