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Why partner with 4ocean?

Tangible, Traceable Impact

We ensure full transparency by thoroughly documenting and independently auditing every pound of plastic and trash we remove from the ocean, allowing partners to confidently verify their measurable impact on environmental change.

Turnkey Storytelling

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Receive a turnkey marketing solution complete with a comprehensive suite of media resources and a dedicated account manager to effectively communicate your sustainability efforts and maximize the value of your partnership.

Unmatched Social Impact

We provide our full-time captains and crews with fair living wages, cover 100% of health insurance, and offer comprehensive benefits to empower communities to make a long-lasting environmental impact.

How to partner with 4ocean

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Plastic Neutrality

Calculate your plastic footprint by measuring the total amount of plastic used in your products or services and go plastic neutral by removing the equivalent amount of plastic directly from the ocean, coastlines, and environment. We provide a comprehensive marketing toolkit complete with badges, media assets, photos, videos, and guides to communicate your impact to your customers.

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Pull A Pound

Incorporate our unique One Pound Promise initiative into every product or service your company offers. With our one-to-one model, your business has the opportunity to remove a pound(s) of trash and plastic from the ocean for every product sold, every order fulfilled, every client onboarded, or every service rendered. This initiative offers a tangible means to connect your customers directly to the impact they are helping to create, allowing them to become active participants in ocean cleanup.

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App or API Integration

The 4ocean x Ecodrive platform offers businesses two distinct ways to launch a sustainability program: by integrating ocean cleanup efforts directly into their services or by allowing customers to contribute at checkout. Designed for seamless integration, this platform connects effortlessly with Shopify apps or APIs, ensuring that any business can quickly enhance its environmental impact and meet sustainability goals with minimal setup.

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Certified Cleanup Partner

Recover a specific amount of plastic from the ocean and coastlines leveraging 4ocean captains and crew. This can be a one time activation or for a specific event or time of year such as Earth Day, World Ocean’s Day or International Coastal Cleanup Day to remove a specific amount of plastic and trash directly from the ocean and communicate your impact.

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Corporate and Employee Gifting

Our Corporate and Employee Gifting Program offers a unique opportunity to connect with your employees or clients. Enhance your brand's presence with our custom-designed corporate gift bracelets, featuring your co-branded logo for a memorable impact. Additionally, we provide options to offset the plastic footprint of each employee by removing plastic and trash from the ocean during holidays and special events.

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“We're able to then take the 4ocean story to our retail partners, that really sets us apart. We're not just a single-ingredient dog chew, we're also an environmental friendly brand that's conscious of the environment and doing the right thing.”

Steve Mamak

Co-Founder + CEO


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“Crunchi is at the forefront of the clean ocean movement, proudly standing as the first cosmetics company to partner with 4ocean. Their commitment to sustainability is further reinforced by achieving 4ocean Certified Plastic Neutral status. 

Kelly Kreusler




“The 4ocean partnership has gone directly into all of my sales presentations. And just to see how our retailer partners and the entire CPG community responds to it, It makes everyone light up.”

Daniel Goetz

Co-Founder + CEO


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“As part of the USPA Life sustainability initiative, U.S. Polo Assn. partnered with us as a 4ocean Certified Cleanup Partner. To date, they have pulled more than 130,000 pounds of trash and plastic from the world’s oceans, rivers, and coastlines and have committed to another 80,000 pounds this year!”

Michael Prince

CEO, USPA Global Licensing

U.S. Polo Assn.

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“Our collaboration with 4ocean isn't just about selling products; it's about forging a path towards sustainability and environmental restoration. With every purchase, Kitsch customers become agents of change, joining us in our commitment to cleaner oceans and a brighter future."

Cassandra Thurswell



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