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Working for Good in Paradise: 4ocean Bali


When you think about the South Pacific and Indonesia, you think white sandy beaches, palm trees swaying in the breeze, warm clear water, and...plastic. Massive amounts of plastic. Well, that last part not so much. However, the stark reality is that in this area of the world, particularly in Bali, Indonesia, which many consider to be ground zero for the ocean plastic pollution problem, there is a harsh reality that plastic is drowning the island and nearshore waters. Thousands of pounds per day are washed into the ocean and the realization that there may not be an end in sight is what motived us to open our first international headquarters there in 2018. 


4ocean GoPro Trash in the Ocean


Now we have cleanup facilities, boats, captains, crew, and an entire team to help us process the plastic we recover. We are literally pulling hundreds of thousands of pounds per month from the ocean and coastlines in multiple locations. These dedicated individuals are doing a great service to their communities and the country by working tirelessly every day to do their part for the clean ocean movement. Check out some of the work they are doing by clicking on the images below...we couldn't be more proud of them and are so happy they are part of the 4ocean Bali Team! 


4ocean Bali Collecting Ocean Plastic


4ocean Bali Collecting Ocean Plastic


4ocean Bali Unloads Thousands of Pounds of Ocean Plastic


So much of what we do in Bali comes from the belief that we are looking out for the next generation. Our goal is to inspire and include those that will carry the torch in the future. They will be the ones to truly solve the problem, but by planting the seeds now and leading by example, there is no doubt one or many among them will be the leaders their country and the world need to end plastic ocean plastic pollution


4ocean Bali Inspiring Children to Clean the Ocean


4ocean Bali Inspiring Children to Clean the Ocean


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