Plastic Pollution Explodes During Bali’s Monsoon Season

Plastic Pollution Explodes During Bali’s Monsoon Season

4ocean Team

We need your help to mobilize additional crew members to collect and process all of the extra trash that comes with monsoon season in Bali!

Here’s the deal: Right now, strong offshore winds, torrential downpours, and powerful ocean currents are flooding Indonesia’s world-famous beaches with absolutely massive amounts of plastic.

Across the islands, rivers swollen with rainwater have become superhighways that are transporting massive amounts of debris to the coast.

We’re finding single-use plastics, commercial fishing gear—all the usual suspects.

And some of the unexpected as well.

Our river crews have already inspected all of our containment boom systems to ensure the equipment’s intact and properly secured so trash flowing downriver is captured before it can enter the ocean.

But there’s still just SO. MUCH. PLASTIC. 

To address this growing crisis, we’ll need to dispatch additional crew members to service these boom systems daily—sometimes multiple times a day—to clear away debris and prevent flooding.

We’ll also need to bring in additional crew members to support our ocean and coastline cleanups as well as the sorting and processing of all of our recovered materials.

And that’s where you can help.

Please use our Ocean Cleanup Service to pull as many pounds of trash as you can.

Remember: Small acts add up and you can make a real difference for our Bali and Java crews—even if you’ve only got $10 to spare.

Let’s do this!


Tony Ernst

Director of Cleanup Operations 

Born and raised in South Florida, the water is always where Tony feels most at home. An avid scuba diver and conservationist, he is always looking for ways to be impactful. Working daily with our global cleanup teams, Tony puts his passion to good use ensuring that 4ocean’s cleanup operations are running smoothly, efficiently, and keeping the clean ocean movement alive!