It's the 10th Anniversary of Plastic Free July!

by 4ocean Team June 22, 2020

It's the 10th Anniversary of Plastic Free July!


It’s the 10th anniversary of Plastic Free July! Here are just a few tips on how to avoid single-use plastic this month (and all year long)!

Plastic Free July is a global movement that helps millions of people be part of the solution to ocean plastic pollution. It’s an initiative started 10 years ago by the Plastic Free Foundation, an independent nonprofit organization based in Australia.

The Plastic Free July challenge provides resources and ideas on how to refuse single-use plastics throughout the month of July. By framing it as a challenge, people are free to try new things and discover what works for them. The ultimate goal of this challenge is to introduce people to sustainable and reusable alternatives that become new habits forever. 

Whether you’re new to the challenge or a seasoned pro, we’ve highlighted some of their best tips for folks at every level of the clean ocean movement.

Take the challenge now!

If you’re new to the clean ocean movement, focus on eliminating...

  • - Single-use plastic shopping bags at the grocery store and other retail shops
  • - Single-use plastic straws
  • - Single-use plastic water bottles
  • - Take away coffee cups
  • - Single-use produce bags for fruits and veggies
  • - Bakery items that come pre-packaged in plastic containers
  • - Meat, fish, and deli items packaged with styrofoam trays and cling wrap
  • - Single-use plastic utensils when ordering in

While refusing single-use plastic is always ideal, there may be times where you can’t avoid it. In those situations, consider what you can do to:

  • - Reduce the amount of plastic you consume (e.g., buying in bulk vs. buying just what you need for this week)
  • - Reuse plastic (e.g., wash and reuse takeout containers instead of tossing them in the bin)
  • - Recycle what you can’t avoid (Just remember that not all plastic is recyclable and not all curbside programs accept the same types of plastic. Plastic Free July is an excellent opportunity to revisit your city or town guidelines for recycling to make sure you’re following best practices and giving the most amount of plastic a chance at a new life.) 


If you don’t have or need more reusable bags, straws, and bottles, we encourage you to shop our single-use alternatives. Every purchase pulls a pound of trash from the ocean, rivers, and coastlines, while decreasing the demand for single-use plastic and preventing more plastic from entering the ocean. Explore all of Plastic Free July’s tips for beginners and what impact eliminating these common single-use plastics can have on the ocean and our planet.

If you’ve covered the basics and want to do more at home, challenge yourself to...

  • - Celebrate birthdays and other events with plastic-free decorations
  • - Shop in bulk and opt for loose foods to avoid plastic packaging
  • - Stop and think about whether a purchase is really necessary; if it is, ask whether there are low or no-waste options and invest in those
  • - Invest in a reusable alternative to your disposable razors
  • - Swap liquid hand and body soaps for bar soaps that aren’t packaged in plastic
  • - Try sustainable and reusable sanitary options for sanitary items like toothbrushes, toothpaste, tampons, and pads

Get more tips on how to take your plastic free journey to the next level



If you want to expand the challenge into other areas of your life, check out these additional resources from Plastic Free July

Our One Pound Promise

4ocean is on a mission to end the ocean plastic crisis by recovering trash that’s already polluting the ocean while educating the global community about plastic pollution and empowering individuals to end their reliance on single-use plastic. 

Every 4ocean product you purchase funds the removal of one pound of trash from the ocean, rivers, and coastlines, and brings us one step closer to our goal of a plastic free ocean. Shop now and pull a pound of trash for Plastic Free July.

Still looking for more information? Feel free to email us at or comment on our social media pages. 




4ocean Team
4ocean Team


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