Mid-Season Checkup:
The Seacoast of
New Hampshire

Henry Bliss, 4ocean Story Producer 5 min read

We sat down with Andrew Housley to discuss how the surf season is going in the NorthEast.

Meet Andrew, a seasoned visual artist from New Hampshire's Seacoast. With a rich background in photography and filmmaking spanning over eight years, Andrew finds inspiration in the dynamic and raw beauty of the natural world, whether it's the serenity of a mountain peak or the energy of an adrenaline-pumping moment in the surf. His dedication to the craft is evident in his role as the in-house media specialist for Summer Sessions, where he manages various visual assets and oversees social media efforts, showcasing his versatility in the visual domain.

Andrew states that this season has been one to remember. From chasing golden sunsets to filming barreling waves in freezing conditions Housley quotes, “I wouldnt trade it for anything else in the world.” From this season alone, he has captured insane swell which was featured in the respected publications- Session Magazine and Surfer Magazine.

A highlight Andrew captured was on a September evening during a pre-surf check. “I had no intention of filming or shooting pictures, I only wanted to surf”. He saw this nice right-breaking wave with a small crowd and a boat incoming. He quickly realized he had his camera in his car and lined up every element to get this shot. After being stasified with these shots, he went to go catch some waves for himself.

IMG_9356 2.jpg__PID:0f5035cf-6a4d-4e78-b30d-adeeb37a2ba6

“This image is the epitome of what fall surf looks like in New Hampshire.”

Another highlight during this season is when Summer Sessions Surf shop took out a local legend, Enzo to catch some waves of his own. Andrew happened to get some wholesome moments out in the water!


As the surf season begins to slow down, Andrew reflects on the incredible journey it has been.

surferpics-4 (1).jpg__PID:727e1fcf-0a38-4f8b-a725-8ab86cd38ae2

From capturing the mesmerizing dance of waves under golden sunsets to freezing the exhilarating moments of surfers conquering towering swells, this season has been nothing short of spectacular.


Each wave has been a canvas for Andrew's creativity, allowing him to weave stories of adventure and beauty through his lens. As the memories of this surf season linger, Andrew eagerly anticipates the next chapter, brimming with new challenges, inspirations, and the boundless wonders of the ocean.

You can learn more about Andrew's latest adventures on his Website

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