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A Follow Up with Save the Manatee Club for Manatee Appreciation Day


It's always nice when we get the chance to revisit a 4ocean Legacy Partner just to see how things are progressing and why buying a 4ocean Manatee Bracelet is so important to the work they do.

We linked up with two of our favorite researchers from Save the Manatee Club, Wayne and Cora, at Blue Springs State Park in Central Florida to check on their work during the winter manatee season. And what we found was a spectacular site with more manatees than we could count all huddled together trying to stay warm in the 72-degree water!  

In honor of #ManateeAppreciationDay on March 27, we put together this amazing video of our trip, the conversations we had and the manatees you are helping! Check it out here.


4ocean Follow Up with Save the Manatee Club


4ocean Follow Up with Save the Manatee Club


If you haven't purchased a 4ocean Manatee Bracelet to pull your pound and help with Save the Manatee Club's incredibly important research, grab yours here. Manatees like Una, our adopted manatee, thank you in advance! If you want to adopt a manatee like we did, you can head on over to this page and find a new family member today. 


4ocean Adoptions: Una the Manatee


To join the conversation about ocean plastic pollution and manatee conservation, head on over to our Discover 4ocean Facebook Group. Also, make sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to stay up to date on all things 4ocean!


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