Meet the BeBot, a beach cleaning robot!

The BeBot is designed to keep beaches clean

Made for the sole purpose of cleaning and restoring our coastlines while preserving the natural environment, the BeBot is an eco-friendly beach cleaning robot that mechanically sifts sand to remove plastic waste and other debris without harming the local environment.

Coastal plastic pollution

Walk any beach or coastline around the world and you’re bound to encounter some form of plastic pollution. Plastic waste isn’t just an eyesore that impacts tourism and local economies; it’s also an environmental hazard that can harm wildlife and degrade crucial coastal ecosystems.

To help keep beaches clean, many coastal properties utilize heavy-duty equipment like tractors to rake the sand or manual sifters that are labor intensive, less efficient, trigger beach erosion, and automatically crush fauna and flora present in the sand. Yet these devices leave a lot of plastic waste behind because it’s either too small or too deep in the sand to capture.

Sand quality is degraded and any small trash that isn’t recovered will eventually find its way into the ocean or into the stomachs of seabirds, sea turtles, and other animals who rely on our coastal ecosystems to thrive.

The BeBot is specifically designed to address these issues and can either replace or work in tandem with existing cleanup equipment and crews.

Engineered by robotics experts, deployed by Poralu Marine

The BeBot is manufactured by Poralu Marine, a global leader in the design, manufacture, and installation of environmentally-friendly marine technology and infrastructure. Use the slider to learn more about this groundbreaking clean ocean technology.

  • The BeBot can silently and discreetly clean up to 3,000 m2 of beach an hour depending on the topography. That’s about the size of 7 basketball courts!

  • The BeBot operates at depths of up to 10cm and collects plastic debris as small as 1 cm2. This includes cigarette butts, food wrappers, bottle caps, and plastic fragments that would otherwise stay hidden in the sand.

  • Unlike existing cleanup technology, the BeBot is 100% electric. It does not require fuel and is not destructive to the local environment or wildlife.

  • The BeBot runs on a mix of solar and battery power, which means there are no harmful gas or liquid emissions, smelly diesel fumes, or noise pollution.

  • The BeBot’s innovative track system provides turn-on-the-spot precision and versatile mobility that allows it to move anywhere, even in narrow areas.

  • The BeBot is a remote control device that requires a human operator and can be operated safely and comfortably from up to 300 m away.

  • In addition to sifting sand, the BeBot can also be used to rake algae, lift and carry loads (like beach chairs), and can even be used to level sand fields.

  • The BeBot is an ideal solution for hotels, beachfront properties, municipalities, natural reserves, and even sports fields and golf courses.

See if the BeBot is the right solution for keeping your coastlines clean

You make it possible to invest in tech that maximizes our impact

We’re always looking for new and innovative clean ocean technologies that will help us maximize the efficiency and impact of our cleanups. Investments in clean ocean technology like the BeBot are only possible because of the clean ocean movement. Every time you shop 4ocean and pull a pound of trash, you provide the funding we need to advance our mission to end the ocean plastic crisis.

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