We’re on a mission to end the ocean plastic crisis

The 4ocean TrashTracker™


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WEEK OF 5.3.2020

All data is collected and stored in the 4ocean TrashTracker™ and was last updated Tuesday 6/16
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How we recover ocean plastic and marine debris


To maximize our impact, we purchase vessels that allow us to recover plastic in a variety of coastal and marine environments.


We hire professional, full-time captains and crews to recover ocean plastic and other harmful marine debris seven days a week.


We strategically install and regularly service river boom systems that prevent inland plastic from reaching the ocean.


We’re constantly researching, building, and investing in clean ocean technology and other solutions to plastic pollution.


We track every pound we pull

The sustainability marketplace is crowded with companies that claim their products are made from “ocean-bound” or recycled ocean plastic. However, most of them can’t actually trace the origins of their plastic back to the ocean. 4ocean is one of the only companies in the world that hires full-time captains and crews to recover trash directly from the ocean, rivers, and coastlines seven days a week.

From the moment it’s recovered, every pound of trash we pull is tracked through our entire supply chain. This meticulous documentation process sets a new industry standard of accuracy and accountability for products that claim to be made from recycled ocean plastic.

We’ve outlined the entire process so you can see exactly what steps we take to document the trash our crews recover during our daily cleanup missions. All documentation is audited and verified quarterly by the Better Business Bureau.


A photo is taken of the crew that will be cleaning that day.


The plastic-polluted area that our crew will clean is photographed before any cleaning takes place.


Photos are taken of the crew throughout the cleanup.


Photos of the area are taken once the cleanup is complete.


All of the recovered plastic and debris is placed into small sacks for documentation and transport.


Each bag is individually weighed and documented on a TrashTracker™ Documentation Sheet.


The TrashTracker™ Documentation Sheet includes all of the information from the cleanup, including the date, location, duration, crew members, individual weights of each bag, total weight for the day, and the signatures of the recorder and location manager.

Step 8:

The plastic-filled sacks are picked up by our collection crew and transported back to our regional facility where all data is uploaded into our digital TrashTracker™.


Recovering ocean plastic is only part of our story


Preventing plastic pollution in the ocean starts on land

People can’t be part of the solution until they’re aware of the problem. Our job is to help people understand the causes and impacts of plastic pollution and empower them to act. From lesson plans for educators to regional beach cleanups and events, we’re committed to sharing our knowledge and inspiring positive action on behalf of the ocean.


An environmentally and socially responsible supply chain

From farm to finished product, all of our products are designed, sourced, and produced with an ocean-first mentality. We view waste as a design flaw and ensure that every product we create can be recycled or reused when it reaches the end of its useful life. 4ocean is also Climate Neutral+ which means we invest in environmental restoration projects that offset our entire carbon footprint each year. Of course, every product we introduce comes with our One Pound Promise. Shop now


We’re proud members of 1% for the Planet

The ocean plastic crisis won’t be solved by one person, company, product, or organization alone. That’s why we’re committed to donating at least 1% of our gross sales to environmental nonprofits through our membership with 1% for the Planet. Since 2017, we’ve donated over one million dollars to ocean-friendly organizations that have a proven track record of driving positive change for the environment and our planet.