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Our global headquarters are located in the City of Boca Raton. We also have cleanup divisions in Ft. Lauderdale and our Florida crews conduct intercoastal waterway cleanups, which covers the open ocean, beaches and other coastal areas, canals, and sensitive mangrove forests. They’re also responsible for the Osborne Reef Tire Cleanup, an underwater recovery operation that protects coral reefs from damage caused by millions of tires that were dropped into the Atlantic Ocean to create an artificial coral reef in the 1970s.

Osborne Reef Tire Cleanup


Our Hawai'i cleanup division is based in Kāneʻohe on the island of Oʻahu. Here, we work with local community members to support and expand existing cleanup efforts. Our crews conduct cleanups along the shores of Oahu and specialize in the removal of ghost nets and other large debris accumulations.

The 4ocean Hawai'i Story


With four locations spread across two islands, 4ocean Indonesia has significant access to the ocean and coastlines of Bali and Java, including West Bali National Park. The crew here also specializes in the installation and maintenance of our river boom systems, which trap plastic before it can enter the ocean.

Bali, the Birthplace of 4ocean
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Preventing plastic from entering the ocean is the crux of our strategy in Guatemala. Our main operational base is located in the harbor city of Puerto Barrios, which also supports two satellite locations in the small coastal villages of El Quetzalito and San Francisco del Mar. While our teams do recover plastic from the open ocean, our main focus is on recovering plastic from the Rio Motagua and a stretch of coast along the Gulf of Honduras.

Plastic Pollution in Guatemala
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El Quetzalito Satellite Location


As of April 6, 2022 we have ceased cleanup operations in Haiti, due to increasing safety concerns and infrastructure challenges in the country. All team members will receive a severance package, and we are working closely with local partners to ensure recovered materials are recycled or removed in the most environmentally friendly manner possible. We are committed to helping end the ocean plastic crisis by cleaning the ocean and coastlines, while stopping the inflow of plastic. We remain on track to meet our 2022 goals for pounds pulled and are continuing to operate and expand cleanup operations in locations where it is safe to do so.