Locations & Facilities


Our global headquarters and cleanup operations are in Boca Raton, FL while our global distribution center is located in Deerfield Beach, FL

South Florida Cleanup Operations


Our plan is to slowly integrate 4ocean into existing efforts, which means we’ll need to find land, hire a location manager as well as captains and crews, and invest in all the equipment we’ll need to maximize our impact

The 4ocean Hawai'i Story


We have facilities and cleanup operations throughout Indonesia in Densapar, Jembrana, Medewi and Java. Our bracelet artisans are also located throughout Indonesia

Bali, the Birthplace of 4ocean
Bali Cleanup Strategy
Bali Equipment
Denpasar Operations
Medewi Operations
Jembrana Operations
Materials Processing
Java Operations
Meet Our Artisans


Preventing plastic from entering the ocean is the crux of our strategy in Guatemala. Instead of sending vessels into the open ocean, our crews will focus on recovering plastic from the Rio Motagua and high-impact areas along the coast in the Gulf of Honduras where massive amounts of trash accumulates

Plastic Pollution in Guatemala
Guatemala Strategy
Guatemala Impact
Meet the Crew
Recycling Recovered Plastic
El Quetzalito Satellite Location


Our Haiti operation is equipped with the necessary vessels and tools to address plastic pollution on the ocean surface, beaches, coastlines, waterways and rivermouths

Haiti Cleanup Operations