4ocean Face Mask Support Frames

Once you try one, you’ll never want to wear a mask without one!

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What customers are saying

Love my Facemask Support - Amazing product! Comfortable, easy to put on my mask, no more fogged up glasses!!! It makes such a difference! So glad I ordered these
Katie from Ohio
Spectacular! - I've been looking for a good mask support frame for a while. I hate the feeling of a sweaty, hard-to-breathe-through mask going into my mouth when I inhale to talk, so this was perfect
Christine from California
Received mine today and love them! I can breathe AND support clean oceans
Lisa from Florida
I love the mask frames. I spent over an hour using the frame with my mask and it didn’t fog up at all! These Rock! Thank you for a great product AND for the great work you do.
James from Texas
I received my first order and have reordered to give to family members. We love them. I've tried several different styles and these are the ones that work best for me. They really help eliminate my glasses fogging. They are more rigid than the silicone ones, but are really flexible and I have not experienced any irritation or marks on my face.
Wendy from California
Just got these in the mail. They are game changers! I have a stack of masks I love but can't wear because I inhale them and can't breathe. I just put one on with this and it's like a whole new mask. I will order more right now to put on all my masks! Thank you, thank you!!
Nicole from Colorado
I work 9 hour days at a preschool and I've struggled for months trying to find masks that will work for me, resorting eventually to sewing my own. Unfortunately they still get sucked in my mouth when I'm reading stories. This support is EXACTLY what I needed to make my masks comfortable for an entire shift. I even tried them during my run this morning and it was wonderful, I could breathe perfectly. These work with paper and cloth masks and are now my go-to. My coworkers have now purchased some and my running buddies are looking to buy some too! Excellent product! Thank you
Maria from California
I got a pack of these supports and it has made wearing glasses so much more comfortable and clear-no more fogging up! And they are made from recycled plastics so saving sea life, too, what’s not to love?
Christina from Colorado
Best support frame ever! Love them! My glasses no longer fog up! They don't fall out of my mask and most importantly they are SO comfortable! And seriously I'm "gifted" in the nasal department ( to put it nicely) - LOL so other mask supports didn't work...these are perfect!
Dionne from Michigan
Love these! Thank you! Fit great in my masks, stay put during a workout, and good for the Earth, too!
Miki from New Jersey


Watch a quick tutorial for help installing your support frame

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Made with 4ocean Plastic™

We partnered with BreatheWire to manufacture our Face Mask Support Frames in the USA using 100% post-consumer recycled plastic including 50% 4ocean Plastic. Every 4-pack of frames you purchase funds the removal of one pound of trash from the ocean, rivers, and coastlines.

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Pairs Perfectly with
4ocean Face Mask

Our 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton reusable face masks help prevent plastic pollution associated with the coronavirus pandemic. Every purchase funds the removal of one pound of trash from the ocean, rivers, and coastlines.


4ocean Face Mask Support Frames are ideal for employees who spend long, uncomfortable hours wearing a mask.

Order our 60-pack bundle now or email wholesale@4ocean.com for larger orders.


Our global ocean cleanup operation is funded by you

Every pound of trash you pull helps advance our mission of ending the ocean plastic crisis. And now, there are more ways to support the clean ocean movement than ever before!