Meet the people behind 4ocean Guatemala


Robin Hunting
Director of Cleanup Operations

Robin oversees our international cleanup operations in Guatemala, Haiti, Bali, and the United States. He is responsible for developing and optimizing our processes for recovering and sorting marine debris, establishing and enforcing our safety protocols, and managing operational finances and material audits. He’s also heavily involved in the supply chain that transforms our recovered ocean plastic into new 4ocean products. Ultimately, Robin is the one who tracks our progress and ensures we’re maximizing our impact each and every day.

Kevin Kuhlow
Country Manager, Guatemala

Kevin was the first person we hired in Guatemala. His knowledge of the area and local community was instrumental in developing our core strategy, choosing our locations, and hiring our crews. As our first hire, Kevin had plenty to keep him busy but always made it a point to spend time recovering plastic and other debris. Now, he oversees our entire Guatemala cleanup operation and is responsible for the continued growth and development of our teams, strategies, and objectives in this region.

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Puerto Barrios

Marcela Tanchez
Regional Brand Ambassador

Marce is a local entrepreneur and activist with a passion for positive impact. She owns the brand MarceFitness and has used her platform to support humanitarian initiatives like Echemonos La Manita, which donates protective supplies to frontline doctors in hospitals. Now, she’s helping 4ocean raise awareness about the clean ocean movement in Guatemala and working alongside us as we work to educate and empower the community to reduce its plastic footprint.

San Francisco del Mar

Antonio Ortega Murcia
Operations Lead, SFDM

Antonio is known as the “cocoa” or “village leader” for San Francisco del Mar. From day one, he’s worked with 4ocean to make important connections within the community and support our efforts to open this cleanup division. His experience as a boat captain means he knows the local beaches very well and, as our Operations Leader, is now responsible for coordinating our daily cleanup missions, overseeing the loading of our transport barge, and ensuring that all super sacks of recovered trash are classified and accounted for. A true leader, Antonio also assists his crews during their daily cleanups, working alongside them to recover harmful marine debris.

Yesica Johana Zaldivar Moscoso
Operations Lead, SFDM

Yesica is our second leader from San Francisco del Mar. She’s in charge of which is very remote and has no road access. Yesica is the first to connect with the team in Puerto Barrios to ensure her crews have the supplies they need to stay safe and efficient. She also oversees the sorting team, the classification of recovered debris, and handles the loading of our transport barge when Antonio is out on cleanup missions.

El Quetzalito

Darwin Rivera
Operations Lead, El Quetzalito

As our Operations Lead in El Quetzalito, Darwin oversees the logistics of our daily cleanup missions on the coastlines and along the Rio Motagua. He’s responsible for tracking the trash we collect, reporting on the quality of those materials, and managing the loading of the transport barge that carries recovered debris back to our facility in Puerto Barrios.

Mara Ortega
Operations Lead, El Quetzalito

Mara is our second Operations Lead in El Quetzalito and is mainly responsible for training and overseeing the sorting team at this location. She helps the team determine material quality and ensures all plastic is accurately classified before it’s loaded onto the barge for transport to our Puerto Barrios facility.


The full story of 4ocean Guatemala

Discover the causes of plastic pollution in Guatemala

It’s estimated that 80% of ocean plastic comes from “mismanaged waste” on land. In Guatemala, there’s just one official basurero, or garbage dump, for the entire country. It’s in the nation’s capital of Guatemala City and it’s currently the biggest landfill in all of Central America. Over a third of the country’s total trash ends up in the Guatemala City basurero each year, but not all of it stays there.

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See how 4ocean is addressing plastic pollution in Guatemala

Preventing plastic from entering the ocean is the crux of our strategy in Guatemala. Instead of sending vessels into the open ocean, our crews will focus on recovering plastic from the Rio Motagua and high-impact areas along the eastern coastline where massive amounts of trash accumulates.

Explore Our Strategy

Tour our main operational facility in Puerto Barrios, Guatemala

It takes a lot of time and resources to open a new cleanup division. Thanks to the clean ocean movement, we purchased an empty tract of land in Guatemala where we could build an entire operational base from the ground up. Located in the thriving port city of Puerto Barrios, our newest base now features a new sea wall, boat ramp, weighing station, sorting facility, bailers, storage yards, and even a shipping container that’s been converted into a solar-powered office!

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Explore the tools we use to recover ocean plastic in Guatemala

Let us show you all of the tools and equipment we’ve invested in to keep our crews safe and maximize our impact in Guatemala. Remember that this is what you make possible every time you shop 4ocean and pull a pound of trash.

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Plastic pollution has a human impact

See what it’s like to live in an area that’s heavily impacted by plastic pollution. Join us as we travel hundreds of miles along the Rio Motagua from the Guatemala City basurero, or garbage dump, to El Quetzalito, a small village at the river mouth that’s working hard to become the last stop for river plastic and see how plastic pollution impacts quality of life not just for the residents of El Quetzalito, but communities around the world.

Visit El Quetzalito

How we recycle our recovered ocean plastic in Guatemala

After our recovered ocean plastic is weighed, documented, and sorted at our Puerto Barrios facility, it’s transported to Tecnologia Textil Avanzada, or Advanced Textile Technology (TTA), a recycling facility located just outside of Guatemala City. This is where our recovered ocean plastic is transformed into the 4ocean Plastic™ pellets we’ll use to make new products that raise awareness about plastic pollution and fund our global ocean cleanup operation.

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Our global ocean cleanup operation is funded by you

Every pound of trash you pull helps advance our mission of ending the ocean plastic crisis. And now, there are more ways to support the clean ocean movement than ever before!