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In order to reduce your personal plastic footprint, we encourage the clean ocean movement to lead by example. Making sure you have eco-friendly reusable items at the ready is the key to cutting down on unnecessary virgin plastics.

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Is doing laundry polluting your ocean?

We chose to make our apparel products from 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton because it’s a natural fiber that is produced with no toxins and won’t contribute to the devastating impact of microplastic pollution in our oceans.

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Host or attend community cleanups. Don’t pass it up.

Some fresh air sounds great right about now. Taking things into your own hands is a great way to reduce the plastic pollution in your region. Organize or attend a local cleanup event and don’t forget your 4ocean cleanup bag and gloves!

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Join the Clean Ocean Club and pull 2 pounds each month.

If you join our subscriber program, The Clean Ocean Club, you can pull two pounds of trash every month and receive our monthly bracelet ahead of everyone else. Not to mention incredible loyalty reward offers!

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Start the New Year off with the right tools!

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