Together, we can end the ocean plastic crisis

4ocean was founded on the belief that business can be a force for good and that the single actions of individual people, collectively, have the power to change the world. We are a Certified B Corp and Public Benefit Corporation made up of passionate and hard-working educators, researchers, and action-takers who are fighting every single day to end the ocean plastic crisis.

While our full-time captains and crews recover harmful marine debris that’s already polluting the ocean, rivers, and coastlines, we also work to stop plastic pollution at its source by educating people about this global crisis and empowering them to end their dependence on single-use plastic.

Every 4ocean product purchased comes with our One Pound Promise to pull a pound of trash from the ocean, rivers, and coastlines. Every purchase helps fund our global ocean cleanup operation and supports a movement to end the world’s reliance on single-use plastic.

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How do we recover ocean plastic?


The best way to recover plastic is by using our own two hands, fishing nets, or other tools.


Having the right vessel is extremely important because each ecosystem is unique.


We often leverage boom systems to stop plastic before it can get into the ocean.


Developing clean ocean technologies improves our cleaning efficiency.

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What happens to the ocean plastic we recover?

Once it’s weighed, photographed, and documented, our recovered ocean plastic is transported to our regional operational bases where it’s sorted by type, color, and condition before being sent to our recycling partners for washing, flaking, and pelletizing. These pellets are what we use to manufacture new and existing 4ocean products like our Signature iPhone Case.

While recycling is always our highest priority, there are certain materials that are just too contaminated, deterioried, or otherwise not feasible to recycle in certain countries. When this happens, we partner with various local facilities to find the most sustainable method of disposal.

After all other methods of recycling are exhausted, we are sometimes forced to dispose of the materials through thermal treatment, which is the conversion of trash to electricity, or by responsibly landfilling the materials.

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There’s always a way to help

We know times are tough for everyone right now, so if you’re unable to pull a pound today, we sure would appreciate it if you could share this page on social media with folks who might be able to do so.

Visibility is key to our mission and anything you can do to help spread awareness will make a huge difference.

Together, we can end the ocean plastic crisis.