Hello and WELCOME!

Thanks for supporting 4ocean’s mission to end the ocean plastic crisis with your recent purchase of the 4ocean Face Mask Support Frame! We’re stoked to welcome you to the clean ocean movement, a global community of people who are taking action to advance our mission and create a vibrant, more sustainable future where humanity grows alongside nature, not at its expense.

Whether you’re just starting to learn about plastic pollution and its impact on our oceans or you’re already living a plastic free lifestyle, we’ll be here to guide you (and learn alongside you) every step of the way! Play our video for a special message from our co-founder and CEO, Alex Schulze!

One ocean. One mission.

Together, we can end the ocean plastic crisis

Origin Story

See the beach in Bali that inspired our mission to end the ocean plastic crisis.

Company Structure

We prioritize impact and use business as a force for good.

Business Model

Every pound of trash you pull funds our global ocean cleanup operation.

One Pound Promise

We pull one pound of trash from oceans, rivers, & coastlines for each product sold.

The overproduction and consumption of single-use plastics are the causes of the ocean plastic crisis. The solution is changing people’s behaviors on land. We have a finite amount of time to act, so education is a key part of our mission.

Alex Schulze

CEO + Co-Founder, 4ocean